Một số câu hỏi phỏng vấn xin visa du học Mỹ



Đối với các bạn học sinh xin visa du học Mỹ thì giai đoạn phỏng vấn xin visa du học Mỹ đóng vai trò quyết định tới việc bạn đó có được chấp nhận học tại Mỹ hay không. Do đó trong giai đoạn cực kì quan trọng này thì các bạn du học sinh cần phải có sự chuẩn bị thật kĩ càng trước những câu hỏi mà Viên Chức Lãnh Sự đặt ra cho mình. Sau đây là một số câu hỏi có thể được hỏi trong buổi phỏng vấn xin visa du học Mỹ.


  1. Good morning, Sir/madam!
  2. Have you ever applied for a visa?
  3. What are you doing now?
  4. Why do you want to study in the US?
  5. Why don’t you continue your learning in your home country? Why don’t you continue your education in VN?
  6. Nowadays, there are many international schools with a good environment in Vietnam, why don’t you study there?
  7. Why do you choose US not many other famous countries like Canada, Australia, Holland and England…. to study?
  8. Do you have any relative in USA?
  9. What is his/her job?
  10. Where do they live in US?  
  11. When did they come to US?
  12. Can you tell me about the benefits of learning overseas?
  13. In which state will you study? Why do you choose this state to study?
  14. Why don’t you study in where your relative lives?
  15. Did you finish high school / college/ university in Vietnam?
  16. In which school / college / university will you study in US? Where will you study in US?
  17. How can you know about this school / college / university?
  18. Why / what are the reasons you choose this school/ college / university?                                     
  19. How can you get the school / college / university admission?
  20. How long does it take you to get the I-20?
  21. What is your major at this school/ college / university?
  22. Why do you choose to study this major?
  23. Do you know anything about this school?
  24. What can you describe / learn about your major?
  25. How long will you study in US?
  26. Can you tell me your study plan?
  27.  What will you do when you finish / complete your education in US?
  28. Do you continue to study higher?
  29. Do you want to live and work in the US after completing your learning?
  30. If after you finish your study, there is a company in US offers you a job, would you accept?
  31. What will you do when you return to VIETNAM?
  32. Are you sure that you will return to Vietnam
  33. Who is your advisor?
  34. How can you contact your advisor?
  35. When will you course start / begin / open?
  36. When will you intend to arrive / come to school?
  37. Where will you live when to come to US?
  38. Are you sure that your will live in your relative house / home-stay / dormitory? Can you give/ show any evidence to prove / illustrate that you will live in relative house / home-stay / dormitory?
  39. How much is your tuition fee?
  40. How do you think about your tuition fee?  Is the tuition fee expensive?
  41. Do you intend to work part-time job?
  42. Who will support / pay/ sponsor for your learning/ education/ studying in US?
  43. What are your parents doing? What are your parent’s jobs?
  44. How much can they earn a month/ how much is their income?
  45. Can you give / show any evidence to prove/ illustrate that they can earn about ………Millions / month?
  46. Who pay the tax for your parent’s business?
  47. Do your parent have business registration certificate?
  48. What kind of business do your parents trade in?
  49. Where is the company located? What is the business phone number?
  50. How long your parent has done their business?
  51. How much is the capital of your parent’s business?
  52. Why do they need about of capital to do in their business?
  53. How many shareholders are there in the company?
  54. How much is the capital that your parents contribute in this company?
  55. Who is director of the company?
  56. With whom did your parents cooperate in doing this business?
  57. How many workers are there in their business?
  58. Have your parents traveled outside the country?
  59. Do your parents have a savings book?
  60. Why your savings book have just deposited?
  61. How can your parents have a lot of money to deposit in the Bank?
  62. Have you ever taken the visa application interview?
  63. Do you intend to visit Vietnam while you are learning in US?
  64. Who help you fill in the visa application form?
  65. Have you or anyone in the family filed an immigrant visa petition on your behalf?
  66. Have you ever traveled outside the country?
  67. Does your family have car/ air-conditioner / TV/ fridge / motor-bike?
  68. Can you describe about your house/ room?
  69. Did you take the interviewed?
  70. What was your fault?

The benefits/ advantages of learning overseas

-          Learning in an international learning environment to get advanced knowledge and practical experience.

-          make more international friends, understand about different culture, custom, lifestyle

-          train my-self to be independence, self confident, determined

-          Get international degree.

What are the difficulties of learning abroad?  What are the difficulties of learning in the new country?

-          Because I will live in a completely new country, it’s hard to understand about difference culture, custom, lifestyle, must solve the problem by myself with out counsel of parents.

Ở trên là một số câu hỏi có thể bạn sẽ gặp phải trong buổi phỏng vấn xin visa của mình. Để buổi phỏng vấn đạt kết quả tốt thì bạn cần có sự chuẩn bị thật kĩ càng về thông tin cũng như tâm lý thật tốt.

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